Veneroso Associates

Veneroso Associates is a global investment strategy firm. We seek to identify markets that are in extreme disequilibrium, understand the dynamics generating such disequilibria and identify turning points in these dynamics.

Veneroso Associates provides global economic analysis to an array of money managers, governments, and multilateral agencies. It provides analysis of the precious metals markets to these same parties and to mining companies. In cooperation with London-based Simon Hunt, it also offers coverage on base metals to portfolio managers and mining companies.

Veneroso Associates Precious Metals Service encompasses four products:

  • a brief weekly market comment
  • a monthly analysis of the commodity fundamentals of the precious metals
  • a monthly macroeconomic perspective on the precious metals markets
  • a series of in-depth analysis of mining companies

Frank A. J. Veneroso  

  • Harvard University Cum Laude
  • Economic Consultant and Investment Strategy Advisor to governments, financial institutions and corporations around the world
  • Acted as economic policy advisor to international agencies in the areas of money and banking, financial instability and crises and privatization
  • Consultant for development and globalization of emerging securities markets
  • Clients have included: The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, and Organization of American States
  • Advisor to the governments of  Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Venezuela, and the UAE
  • Senior Partner, Omega Advisors responsible for investment policy formulation
  • Keynote Speaker at the Financial Times Gold Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 1993

  • Featured Speaker Australian Gold Conference, 1996